The first objective in designing the Sea-Bow® was to give beginners the opportunity of discovering the joys of flying without the intricacies and difficulties of learning to fly an airplane. The moto is SECURITY.

A one or two-place cockpit motorized by a ROTAX engine, a 9, 11 or 13 cells parachute, 2 rear-wheels and one directional front-wheel make up the general description of the Sea-Bow®.

The uniqueness and originality of the Sea-Bow® resides in the design and positioning of the 4 SPIRO egg-shaped wheels attached to the cockpit chassis. The shape and the precise location and positioning of these wheels enable the Sea-Bow® to safely land and take-off on different types of terrain and conditions such as grass, sand, gravel, asphalt, snow or ice.

The exclusive SPIRO hollow wheel, designed and developed by Sea-Bow®, is the basic characteristic of this flying vehicule. The self-positionning of the SPIRO wheels cushion the effect of a rugged terrain, subsequently eliminating the possibility of damage to the other supporting or directional wheels. After extensive testing, these patented egg-wheels have proved to be indestructible, even at temparature of -35°C.

Altogether, the SPIRO, the unique structure of the cockpit and a parachute wing, contribute to the ultimate safety of the user in all the different flight attitudes


Even in a crosswind, the pull of the parachute will not cause the aicraft to tip over.

Should a sliding effect alter the direction of the aircraft, the angle and mobility of the SPIROS will instantly prevent it from turning over. Skiding sideways will enable the Sea-Bow® to reposition itself into the wind.

Level Flight

Because of the aero-dynamic concept of the SPIROS, no pendulum effect will occur in level flight. They will enhance the stability of the aircraft without effort on the part of the user.

Moreover rudder pedals combined with the throttle lever (cruise control) will allow you to enjoy hands-free flying, giving you the opportunity of doing other things such as photography, video taping, map-reading, surveillance, etc...



Because of the SEA-BOW's specific angle, initial ground contact is always by the rear wheels, giving the craft a natural approach to landings.

There is no stalling speed because of the parachute's lift, subsequently sustaining smooth landings with the help of the SPIROS on all types of terrain (grass, asphalt, gravel, sand, ice and even snow).

Emergency Landing

Should ever an engine failure occur, the aircraft is already flying under a parachute which allow the user to glide to the best landing terrain available. Because of the unique SPIROS, it can land safely on grass, asphalt, gravel, sand, snow or ice.

If engine failure occurs while flying over water, the buoyancy of the 4 hollow SPIROS will furthermore allow a safe water landing, and subsequently prevent the craft from sinking and the lost of a valuable asset.

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